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We will buy your car for parts. If you are planning to recycle all of your car parts then we are the best place to sell your car for parts. We make sure that we utilize and save environment by whatever car parts can be recycled and reused. Sell your car for parts today and help the clean environment.

Please call us at 6478005072


Sometimes it is confusing when you are trying to get rid of your car because you need to know how and where you should get rid of your car so it will not hurt the environment. We pay you cash for getting rid of your car and dispose it off in environment friendly setup. Just call us today and we will help you to get rid of you car and get you very good cash value for your old scrap car.



We will buy your scrap car in Milton, Oakville and surrounding areas. We are your best scrap car selling point because we evaluate your car very well and provide you complimentary tow (free tow). We buy your scrap car in any condition, so do not worry if it has wheels or without wheels, alive or dead engine we will pay you cash for your scrap car.


Other Services

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Salvage your car

We will help you to salvage your car and get you best cash for your salvage car.

Junkyard in your area

If you are looking for junkyard in your area to junk your car then please call us and we will bring your old, scrap car to our junkyard.

Recycling your car

You just searched how to recycle my car and our website showed up. Yes you are right we recycle the vehicles in environment friendly way.

Dump your car

We have proper scrap yard to dump your car. Our setup allow us to handle dump old cars without hurting the environment..